Measure a Year: 2014

I haven’t done this since 2011. However, in a year of so much change and growth, music was the only thing that held me together, so I felt it was necessary. On New Year’s Eve, I make a playlist. One song for each month of the year. This year’s playlist is as follows:

January: Celine Dion – “New Dawn”
February: Judy Garland – “Over The Rainbow”
March: Megan Hilty – “The Heart of the Matter”
April: Cady McClain – “In The Silence”
May: Jason Robert Brown – “One Second and a Million Miles”
June: Julie Andrews – “Feed The Birds” (Damn you, Hollywood Bowl.)
July: Carole King – “Beautiful”
August: Sara Bareilles – “Hercules”
September: Kari Kimmel – “Where You Belong”
October: Laura Benanti – “Leap”
November: Kristin Chenoweth – “Little Sparrow”/ “Hard Times Come Again No More” (I couldn’t decide. Leave me alone. Go listen to both of them.)
December: Kelli O’Hara & the Darling Children – “Tender Shepherd/Only Pretend”

This list is hilarious to me because at the beginning of the year, I said I needed to step back from the theatre part of my life because I missed NYC to the point that it was painful. And look at all those big Broadway voices. …Oops.

I guess the year proved me wrong.

You can find all of these songs on iTunes. Happy New Year! Bring on 2015!


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