You’re My Person.

This is Janice.  I write about her a lot, if you haven’t noticed.  I never call her Janice, that’s just weird.  To me, she is Janie, my big sister, my best friend, My Person, the Cristina Yang to my Meredith Grey, my favorite, and one of my angels.  I figured in honor of Sandra Oh’s departure from Grey’s Anatomy after this season (we can’t talk about it), now would be a good time for Janie to have her own special post on my blog, on this the day of her birth.  So, an open letter if you will, because the world needs to know just how special she is…

My dearest Janie:

I’m sure you’ve been waiting for this for a long time, right?  I can just hear you in my head as I type this… “When are you gonna write about ME on your blog?! You write about that damn McShorty, and McSassy and Georgia (writer’s note: Why doesn’t Georgia have a McName? This needs to be remedied.) and about all of us, but never just me… Your Person… No love for your person… Geez, Kikks!”  You’re laughing now aren’t you?  I can hear you.

You know, I never would have imagined when we first met how close we would become.  In fact, I don’t know if I ever want to know what you first thought of me.  Janice’s First Impressions of People could be a horror novel.  Okay, not really, that’s an exaggeration.  However, I don’t know what I did in that “first conversation” that allowed you to answer when I knocked on your heart.  You could have slammed the door in my face, but you let me in.  And now? Now it has been nearly eight years and not only have you let me in, you’ve given me a home.  The only thing I’ve ever wanted in my life, is everything you have given me.  Now when I hear the word “home” I am not afraid, because when I think of home I know it isn’t a box held up by walls and a door, it’s any time I am with you and our family, both in the Westie/Eastie sense and the part of your family you share with me.  I don’t know if there is anything I could ever do to show you how important that is to me.  That home has become the foundation that everything in my life is now built upon.  It is the reason I survive.  All of it.

You are everything I ever want to be.

You take care of your family and friends to extents I’ve never seen before in my life.  It’s inspiring.  You bend over backwards for our happiness even when we least expect it.  Your schedule is INSANE, but you still make time for anyone who wants to spend time with you, because you value it so much.  You understand that our time is limited in this life and treat each moment for what it is, a place in time that won’t come again.  People don’t do that, and they should.  And yet, even after that, you still make time for YOU because your alone time is important, too.  I’m not sure most of the world knows how to be alone and we all could take a lesson from you.

The way you teach, love and work with children is the most amazing and inspirational thing I have ever seen.  You don’t give yourself enough credit.  Just the other day, you said to me “I’m not amazing but…”  But you are.  Every child you’ve ever worked with comes into their own.  You teach them that they are unique and special and everything about who they are as individuals is important.  You speak to them and treat them as people, not children, as most people do.  I’m pretty sure you’ve changed the way the majority of the people in your life treat the tiny humans.  Parents could take a lesson from you.

And then there’s our relationship.  You treat me like you treat your kids and there’s a heaviness of importance in that statement.  No one has ever treated me or taken care of me in my life in the way that you have.  It’s been almost eight years and I am still adjusting to it, honestly.  You make me feel like a human being.  I didn’t know what that meant until you.  You make me stronger.  You make me want to be better.  You make me feel comfortable with who I am. (Even if sometimes you think I should bury my emotions way down deep inside, in the same breath you will still tell me it’s okay to cry it out.) Nothing truly makes me happier than being able to hold your hand, especially while we’re belting out some epic karaoke in the car.  I believe our hugs are what Bryan Fuller meant when he defined a hug as  an “Emotional Heimlich” in Pushing Daisies… Now I try to hug everyone I love like that.  You help me grow and teach me love, and as much as you teach it, you give it.  I hold it close.  I’ve learned patience and strength.  Today, when I was scared, all I heard in my head was you saying “We don’t worry until there is something to worry about.” over and over again, and I felt you squeeze my heart.  You don’t let me stray from my faith and I thank God for that because faith is the only thing that keeps us all breathing.  You’ve helped me into the light and showed me not only how life is meant to be lived, but how beautiful each delicate moment is.  I am forever in your debt.  These are just some of the many lessons I have learned from you.

You are everything a person should be.  The first to help someone in need.  The first to teach love.  The first to inspire hope and instill faith.  God knew exactly what He was doing when He was working on you.  You are a blessing, the first one I count before my prayers.  And I am confident I’m not the only one that feels this way.

So maybe you don’t remember everyone else’s birthdays, but you remember and cherish all the things that really matter.  Today is yours, this year and every year.  I’d tell you to make it everything you want, but I know you’re going to do that anyway.  Thank you for letting me know your heart.  Thank you for being everything you are, but most especially for being my sister and my hero in this life.  You ARE amazing.  McShorty gave me the world because she gave me you.  I love you more than I can ever explain in words… and words are my thing.

Happy Birthday, My Person.


P.S. Sweet Mother of God… I finished this and “What If We Never” came on as I was tagging it.  What gives?!


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