Moments of real.

“When you have tears that come because of music, you just realize how lucky you are.”
-Kristin Chenoweth

Sometimes in another lifetime, far behind the one you’re living now, your heart makes a wish that is so unrealistic, you don’t even realize it is coming in the form of a wish.  You joke with your friends and say “One day this is going to happen and…” You cut yourself off so as not to sound like a crazy person, but what you don’t know is somewhere in the intertwined threads of that joke, someone was listening.  Someone heard you.  And when you make a wish with such honest intention, it’s inevitable that one day, someday, it will come true.  The journey of your life from that point on seems to form steps to that reality.  As you’re climbing, you don’t see it happening around you until you get to the end and realize that it all fit together like a puzzle to make you whole.  This is what my life has become.  My family.  My heart.  My world.  It all came together because I spoke up, out loud, and said “One day this is going to happen…”  The Lord was listening, and as much as I thought I was joking, He took the joke seriously.  People tell you to be careful what you wish for, but I’m here to tell you… Be delicate and honest about what your wish for and it will be everything you didn’t realize you not only wanted, but needed.

I know I’ve said this before, but there is something spectacular about watching someone else’s dream come true.  It’s a blessing for those of us who are lucky enough to be there to witness it.  Last Saturday, I saw something beautiful at the Hollywood Bowl.  In the first place, there’s no other place you should spend a summer night in Los Angeles than the Hollywood Bowl.  The hills come alive with the sound of music, quite literally.  When you’re at the Bowl, it’s always one of those moments where life stops, and nothing else exists past the atmosphere encasing you in that given moment.  So when that moment is at the same time a huge moment for someone you love and care about, there is a deep sense of intimacy even among thousands of people.  You were worthy of those fireworks, my friend.

Sometimes change isn’t scary.  Sometimes change makes life better; and with one tight squeeze of the hand that’s upon your heart you learn to accept it.  “It is meant to be yours,” the Lord says.  Don’t ever let it go.  In the last year, but most especially the last few weeks, without words the change is showing in everything I do.  Safe in the light.  Breathe.  Love.  Pray.  Exist together, never apart.  All of these things, tumbling around inside my head, remodeling and molding my heart.  Did I ever imagine it? Not in this life.  Do I care who you are? Not ever.  I only care about your heart.  I don’t question anything anymore.  It is what it is, and it means the world.  Teach me to give, to live and to love and handle it with grace and humor.  Hold onto reality, take comfort in what is raw and real, but don’t be afraid to land among the clouds, they will carry you.  My heart is overwhelmed that what was to be the punchline of some joke, blossomed into a beautiful beginning to a new story.

This story no longer has an ending.  We are never done.

Count your blessings tonight, the stars are listening.  One day it will happen.


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