Once Upon a Treehouse

The above photo is my little sister Jamie and I at Snow White’s Grotto in Disneyland with The Evil Queen a few years ago.  It’s always been one of my favorite photos, but now it holds so much more meaning to me.  Jamie lives across the country and we haven’t seen each other since this photo was taken almost four years ago.  We talk online and on the phone, its not bad but I miss her a lot.  It’s hard when your best friend is so far away.

From day one, the both of us fell in love with ABC’s new show Once Upon A Time.  Now Sunday has become my favorite night of the week because we watch the show together over the internet.  It’s our favorite.  I don’t know really how to put into words how much we love it.  I will say that if I had created a television show this is exactly what it would be.  Magic, imagination, good versus evil, every fairytale I live for.  This show is perfect for me.  It’s my joy every week.

On the other hand, this show is also my hurt, anger and pain.  I don’t know what it is, but The Evil Queen/Regina Mills is my favorite character.  This is very out of character for me.  My entire life, Snow White has been my favorite princess, she should have been my favorite character by default.  I love her, I do and Ginnifer Goodwin is fantastic, but Lana Parrilla as the Queen is just it for me.  She completely transforms every week and blows me away.  Jamie and I had a pretty cathartic discussion about why it is that she’s my favorite – and in the end she just helps me cope with all of the anger and the rage and the hurt that I have pent up over certain situations and my life.  I feel less like an awful person, like my emotions are valid and just just make me more raw as a human being.  Since this realization, it’s just made me better.

My friends and I went to the Once Upon a Time panel at PaleyFest this month and I was so excited to see her.  I knew I wouldn’t meet her, because there’s no way we would have gotten my wheelchair through the rush of people at the end.  So we just sat back and watched as the cast met with their fans and Lana was the only one that stayed and met everyone she possibly could.  Seeing how good she is with her fans only made me love her more and  wish I could have met her too.

A couple weeks later I saw these pictures of an awesome treehouse on someone’s blog on tumblr:

Then on twitter, this conversation occurred between me, Jamie and our friend Kyla:

Me:  One of my lifelong dreams is to have a handicapped accessible ‘tree’ house. Even though it can’t be in an actual tree.
Kyla:  When I marry a millionaire, etc. I will build you a friggin’ treehouse and it will have an ELEVATOR.
Me:  I love you so much.
Jamie:  I see your elevator and raise you a state of the art SLINGSHOT that safely lofts Kikkie up to her own room! LOL
Kyla:  She dies goin’ downhill at Disneyland…you REALLY think she’ll let you slingshot her?
Jamie:  Oh I think she’d trust me. especially if she knew that in said tree house, she gets to room with her favorite!
Me:  REALLY?! MY FAVORITE WILL BE WAITING?! I don’t care how you get me in there, then. AH!
Jamie:  Told ya.
Me:  Hell, my favorite is the sweetest being on the planet. She’d probably help.
Kyla:  Yeah but you cheated!
Jamie:  You’re just bitter cause I played the Lana Parrilla card LOL.
Me:  Though, if I was restricted to her waiting for me – I’d probably learn to walk and scale the damn tree.
Kyla:  I believe it!
Jamie:  Thats it. Start the construction and get her people on the phone. Kimmie’s gonna scale a tree for Lana people.

I just think this is fun.  I love that the people in my life are so supportive of my dreams – no matter how big or small they are.  I may never be able to have a treehouse or scale a tree, but the thought of teaching myself to walk in that situation just makes me realize how strong I am and what a hopeful soul I am.  I’d like to thank Lana for making me even want to try.  And one day, truly believe that my sister and I will meet her together and I can thank her in person for making me not want to ever give up on what could be.  And we’ll recreate that photo up there with her.

What’s most important is that I always believe in magic.


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