How I Spent My Winter Vacation

My bestie went away to Europe for five weeks over the holidays.  I missed her.  In a way though, it was a bit of a vacation for me.  I spent a lot of time with one of my heart sisters as she was housesitting.  There are just a few things I learned and did over the past few weeks:

  • There are people that actually help and care when you really need them.
  • Insomnia sucks, but some beds are magical.  Sometimes you need 16 hours of sleep.
  • Holidays with blood relatives are nothing but pressure. Holidays with heart families are perfect.
  • Never go see a movie in a sketchy theatre.  The projector will break in the middle of your movie.
  •  The Muppets will never fail to make me smile, whether I’m thirty or three.
  • Music Choice channel facts provide hours of entertainment.
  • Melted Snowman cookies are fun to make.  I should never be allowed to decorate them.  The same goes for gingerbread people.  In fact, I should start a blog called Cookie Wrecks.
  • Also, Melted Snowman cookies do not keep well.  Eat them right away.
  • Television and I are on a break.  Two reasons:  Rizzoli & Isles and the final episode of One Life to Live.  (Which is a whole other post.  I have a lot of feelings.)
  • It is possible to have good clean fun on New Years Eve.  I had the best one of my entire life.
  • Some people need to warn a girl before they sing you Disney songs in French.  I’m looking at you, Susan.
  • Never actually go Christmas shopping at Disneyland, you won’t find anything you’re looking for.  But the park is always more magical than usual.
  • When playing Wii with a three year old, you’ll get your butt kicked.
  • My body can do anything, no matter how exhausted I am, when I’m excited to see my nieces.
  • When you’re napping, your close friends get engaged.  Congrats Aly and Tim!
  • If you’re a theatre actor and you haven’t seen The Sound of Music, you have sinned.
  • If you’re a theatre actor, your kid will take influence from your previous roles.
  • The coolest Disney Store ever is at the Sherman Oaks Fashion Square.  Go there.  You’re welcome.
  • It’s nice to have supportive friends who tell me I can learn to play the piano even though I am uncoordinated and I don’t have a hand with full functionality.
  • I want to go back to voice lessons.
  • The government will censor the internet instead of taking care of more pressing issues with this country.
  • Skype is the most wonderful invention in the universe.

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