My Lifelong Love

On the note of things I’ve been meaning to post — my favorite modern day composer and lyricist, Georgia Stitt, released a new album recently.  If you’ve been reading my blog, you know why I love Georgia already.  However, if you are new to this party let me fill you in…

Georgia is excellent at telling a story, musically and lyrically.  Her music is very detail oriented and I think that’s what makes it special.  You can see, hear and feel everything she writes about and take little pieces away from what you’re listening to and relate to it.  Georgia writes the happy soundtrack in my life, and it’s completely magical and charming.  What I take from it is, life is all about love in the many forms that love can take.  Take it, share it and you’ll be a better person. Georgia’s music makes ME a better person.

When she released her new album – “My Lifelong Love” – I did something a little different when writing a review.  I live-tweeted my first listen song by song on Twitter.  This method proved to be a lot of fun, so I figured I’d post them here to archive them.  (And I about peed myself like a good little Disney/theatre fangirl because Anika Noni Rose was retweeting a bunch of them to her followers.  So at least I know someone was enjoying it.)

Finally getting a chance to sit down with @georgiastitt’s #MyLifelongLove and my headphones. I’m thinking I may live tweet my thoughts…

Love “Not Yet” — this is gonna get stuck in my head. Also when I hear the piano I’m now gonna think of musical happy feet. #MyLifelongLove

Officially my favorite version of “My Lifelong Love” — @jessetyler is hilarious perfection Can’t stop smiling. #MyLifelongLove

The arrangement/music on “Sing Me a Happy Song” is stunning. And @ShoshanaBean can sing. In case anyone was unaware. #MyLifelongLove

Sonnet 29 — Shakespeare and Georgia’s music?! I think my heart just exploded. This is BREATHTAKING. Wow. #MyLifelongLove

Oh look, “The Wanting of You” — I’ve NEVER heard this before.@IAmSusanEgan is a bit of a cheater. 😉 Love this song! #MyLifelongLove

HAHA I’ve been waiting for “Communication” — so funny & the music makes it funnier, sounds like it’s smirking at the words. #MyLifelongLove

Heard “At This Turn in the Road Again” the first time I saw Georgia perform years ago. So excited it’s recorded, it’s one of my favorites. So pretty! #MyLifelongLove

“A Very Short Song” is very… short. But the music is whimsical & I love that. Need more of Laura Osnes & her pretty voice! #MyLifelongLove

Everything about “If I Could” is beautiful. Might be my new favorite… today. And I love me some Michael Arden. #MyLifelongLove

“More of My Mother” makes me cry every time. And that’s all I’m gonna say about that. #MyLifelongLove

“Invested in You” is FUN! Why are there not more love songs like this? Makes me want to dance in my living room with a man. #MyLifelongLove

Okay, “Kites and Children” is my favorite. Shocker, right? This song is perfect in every way. @AnikaNoniRose is incredible. #MyLifelongLove

And… completely speechless over “Love Ever After” — I keep replaying it. So many feelings. #MyLifelongLove

I’ve decided I’d really like to see/hear @georgiastitt conduct her own music, maybe at the Hollywood Bowl or Disney Hall. I’d probably die.

Well that was fun! I think you should all go get #MyLifelongLove on iTunes and love the music as I do.

You can purchase “My Lifelong Love”  on iTunes or Sh-k Boom.  Check out Georgia’s website to learn more about her:


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