Glamour & Goop.

I could be a walking promo ad for Susan Egan and Georgia Stitt.  These two ladies now have a candid and hilariously honest blog about their adventures through motherhood paired with their careers in the entertainment industry.  Check it out at  Right now they are holding a contest in which you tell them a story of a time when you experienced both “glamour” and “goop” in the same moment.  You have until the 22nd to enter so head on over and do so – there’s some pretty cool prizes in store for the winners.

I thought I’d share a glamorously goopy moment from my life (and believe me, this is the abridged version):


I moved to California from Arizona in December 1999 with no sense of stability , no friends, or real family.  So I threw myself into an outlet: my love of musical theatre.  That season Kristin Chenoweth won the Tony for “You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown” and I was in awe of her talent.  After that, whenever things got rough, her  work was always there to comfort me or give me strength.  It was strange for me because I’m not the kind of person who thinks we should idolize celebrity types.

Fast-forward to February 2006:  It had been six years and I still had no real connection to the outside world.  I had discovered the concept of message boards to make friends, and joined Kristin’s official fan club.  It was nice to talk to people again.

Kristin was doing a concert at Disney Hall in Los Angeles and a group of girls planned this extravagant weekend around the city for fan club members to take part in.  A friend of mine invited me, and I was unsure if I should go because I was scared…  I had never met any of these people in person before and I hadn’t been around anyone other than my family in so long that I forgot how to be social with strangers.  Despite my resistance, my friend insisted I join her and she picked me up and took me to everything that was planned.  We took a private tour of the WB backlot, went to Disneyland and then the big finale was a fancy dinner and Kristin’s concert.  Glamour!

As I sat in the most stunning concert hall I’d ever seen, in the most beautiful dress I’d ever owned, with my new friends by my side, I couldn’t believe this was happening to me.  The entire atmosphere took my breath away.  Kristin knew we were there and after the concert we got to meet her.  I never in my life expected that to happen, but as fate would have it, it did.  When we got in the room and someone said she wanted to meet me, I was so overwhelmed I started crying.  I’m talking the Oprah ugly-cry, totally forgetting that I was wearing makeup/mascara.  Kristin walked over to me and smiled as she kneeled down in front of me taking both my hands in hers and said: “Honey, can I give you a little tip?  Waterproof.”  We all laughed.  It was the most beautiful night of my life and there I was — with my face covered in mascara.  I looked like someone punched me, an embarrassing Kodak moment. Goop!

My whole life changed in those moments… Five years later those friends have become my family.  They’ve shown me what real love is and opened my eyes to see that the real glamour in life are the memories we make together in times between the laughter and the sadness.


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