Lessons Learned.

Years don’t necessarily come at the start of January.  Years come with memory markers, moments in time that you feel yourself starting over.  Wipe the slate clean, the canvas is blank for you to paint a picture of what you dream from that moment on.  I hang on these moments and make the most out of everything I can.

One year ago, I went to Fantasyland and made a wish in a magical wishing well.  Literally.  I wished so hard from the depths of my soul and watched as a penny sank to the bottom of the crystal clear water into an abyss of wishes in limbo.  Four days later that wish came true.  I’d say be careful what you wish for, but this was everything I’d always wanted.

There are a good number of people that dislike being an adult.  I am not one of them.  Never having that sort of freedom before, I loved the responsibility.  I don’t like to be dependent and loved the feeling that I was surviving and I was happy.  But wishes don’t last forever.  And today, when I recalled that it has been a year since that desired wish came true, I fell into a bit of a hole until my guardian angel came and knocked me upside the head.   My mentality shifted and I started to think of all the things I’ve learned in the last 365 days.

  •  You can’t depend on anyone but yourself.  You have to do what’s right for you first before anything else.  You owe yourself that as a human being.
  • Love is the most powerful emotion in all the world.  No matter what happens to you, whether it be at the hands of someone else or if you’ve hurt yourself that love never changes.  If you think I hate you, I don’t.  I hurt because I love you as much as I do.  Loving too deeply may actually be one of my flaws, because I am always hurt in the end and it is usually my fault I feel that way.
  • The path you’re on right now is not endless.  At some point the road will split and only you can decide where you’re going to go.  Sometimes it is just time to get off the ride and explore the unwalked path and that’s okay.
  • People change.  Myself included.  We all evolve with the environment we’re in and sometimes it makes us better people and sometimes it doesn’t but we work with what we can to be the the best we can be.  Nobody is perfect and that is why we are human.
  • At some point you’ll be the kind of happy that you can grasp.  Hold on tight to every second when it presents itself because it will slip through your fingers.  Life is about balance.  The happiness will follow itself with struggles and difficulty.  You’ll come out of it appreciating the happy moments the most when you don’t expect every second to be sunshine and rainbows.
  • There’s always going to be things you wish you could have handled better or wished would have played out differently.  You can’t take those things back, you can’t take anything back.  Know that you made a mistake and be sorry for it, let it knock you down if that’s what it takes, but you must get back up.
  • Never stop learning from your experiences.  There is always a reason for what happens in your world.  Every moment you are alive is meant to teach you something new.  Don’t dismiss any part of your life or who you are.  You wouldn’t be here without all the parts of your being and the things you’ve learned.
  • When you’ve fallen so deep into the dark and twisty depths of despair that you feel like you should just give up and there’s no way out, that’s the exact moment the tides will turn for you.  There is always someone out there that loves you enough to see through the darkness with you until you find the light again.  No one is ever really alone.  Whether it is a friend at your side, an unshaken faith in a higher power, or your despair manifesting into strength within, you nurse your stinging scars and get back up, walking with your head held high.  You must get back up.
  • The most beautiful testament to your self-worth and self-love is learning to let go.  Never forget what got you to where you are, but let go to what makes you feel bad about yourself or any given situation.  All that matters is love and light.  Center yourself in all things that bring you immeasurable amounts of joy.
  • Trust your gut instincts.  The minute you start to feel uncomfortable is the minute that something needs to change.  Shift with the changes as best you can and be honest with yourself, don’t deny the shifting or the changing process.  Things will change whether you deny them or not.
  • Never give up.  Life begins and ends the same for every living thing on this planet, don’t short-change yourself.  You deserve nothing but the best in this life.  Always remember that.

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