Go chase your dreams to the ocean.

Last weekend I took a road trip with My Person to Monterey and Carmel, California.  We had a really great time.  The purpose of the road trip was to see a couple of friends play and sing some pretty music, and we spent some quality time with them as well which was nice since we hadn’t seen them in ages.  Also, I have to say watching rich, classy old ladies rock out to Rodgers & Hammerstein, Judy Garland and Cabaret probably made my entire night.  I can only hope to have that much zest for life and joy of quality music when I am older.

In the two days we were away following the concert, all I could hear was pretty music wherever we’d go.  I took in everything around me:  the people, the nature, the delicious local food stops.  We went to the aquarium and marveled at the life in the sea, we hit a Friday night movie, and the next day drove Pacific Coast Highway part of the way home.  There isn’t anything else like having the mountains to your left and nothing but ocean on your right.  It’s like you’re on top of the world and the earth is spinning underneath you.  Takes my breath away just thinking about it.

On our last day we sat at lunch at a small but comfortable restaurant in Carmel.  There was paper over the top of the table cloth and a glass with crayons in it on the table so that small children who visited the establishment wouldn’t get bored while waiting for their food.  When My Person took a crayon and left our mark on the table, I felt inspired to record what had been playing through my mind the whole time we were there:  Go chase your dreams to the ocean… inspired by Georgia Stitt’s song “I Get to Show You the Ocean” with flowing waves and a bright yellow summer colored sun.  It just represented everything in those days that I found beautiful.

I kept thinking of the time in second grade when my class took a field trip to Laguna Beach.  My teacher walked me out to the surf and held me up as the sand and ocean tide washed between my toes.  I remembered the feeling even then of just wanting to be carried away by the sea.  That moment too, is one that doesn’t seem like real life, but I piece it together with one from my adulthood and I see just how the “pieces” in life fit together as one.

Sometimes life is like the movies.  And this vacation was just one of the many reminders of just how blessed I am and how precious life can be.  I am so lucky to have people like Janice, Susan and Georgia in my life.  Such positive energy from people who have never done anything but love and care for me.  It makes all of the struggles worth it to have moments like those few days.  This is the dream, being with that company, and doing things that lift my soul and fill all the holes that have been healing in my heart.

I am here for a reason, and I have the greatest form of love and friendship at my side.


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